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    Class Outline

    1. Getting Started

    Essential analogies for an operating system
    Installing and running macOS High Sierra for the first time
    Interfacing with windows, menus, and the taskbar
    Introducing System Preferences
    Setting up keyboard, mouse, and other peripherals
    Setting mouse and trackpad options
    Understanding gesture control with mice and trackpads
    Understanding modifier keys and keyboard shortcuts
    Connecting to the internet
    Setting up multiple user accounts

    2. Finder: The Macintosh Filing Cabinet

    Browsing through folders
    Understanding essential folder structure, including the home folder
    Using folder shortcuts and file aliases
    Creating, copying, moving, and renaming files and folders
    Using Quick Look to view a file without opening it
    Deleting files using the trash
    Using tabs to organize the Finder window
    Getting information about files and folders

    3. Desktop: The Basic Working Environment

    Organizing items on the desktop
    Connecting external drives and deciding what shows up on the desktop
    Customizing the desktop wallpaper

    4. The Dock, Launchpad, and Mission Control: Launching and Managing Applications

    Launching and quitting applications
    Accessing application preferences
    Organizing applications in the Dock and customizing the Dock
    Multitasking between multiple applications
    Using Mission Control, full-screen view, and Split View to organize a cluttered workspace
    Working with multiple displays

    5. Saving and Searching

    Saving files within an application
    Searching for files using Spotlight
    Tagging files for quick searchability
    Zipping and unzipping archive files

    6. Browsing the Web with Safari

    Browsing and searching the web
    Adjusting setup options and using common shortcuts
    Bookmarking important websites
    Downloading files
    Privacy and security in Safari
    Saving passwords

    7. Working with Mail, Contacts, and Calendars

    Setting up accounts for Mail, Calendar, and Contacts
    Working with the Mail application
    Working with attachments with Markup and Mail Drop
    Working with Mail in full screen mode
    Using the Calendar application
    Using the Contacts application

    8. Instant Messages, Video and Audio Chats, and Phone Calls

    Using an AppleID for iMessage and FaceTime
    Working with Messages and iMessage
    Using FaceTime for audio and video calls

    9. Other Bundled Apps

    Importing and organizing photos in the Photos app
    Editing photos in the Photos app

    10. Notifications Center

    Working with notifications
    Working with the Today view in Notification Center

    11. Installing Applications

    Using the App Store to install and update applications
    Installing software from a CD or a download from the web
    Setting up a printer

    12. Sharing with Networks

    Sharing files, printers, and screen control over a local network
    Sharing files quickly with AirDrop
    Using Handoff to transfer tasks between an iPhone and a Mac

    13. Backing Up and Restoring

    Understanding backups and archives
    Backing up manually
    Setting up a Time Machine backup and restoring files

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