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    OneNote is Microsoft’s handy note-taking and organizational application. It incorporates a refined page hierarchy, better searching options, automatic links to pasted content, task integration with Outlook, and a variety of new sharing options to make working with others easier.

    Learning Objectives:
    In this OneNote course, you will learn how to create a new OneNote notebook, work with sections and pages, customize the interface, enter information into OneNote from a variety of sources, and use OneNote’s collaboration tools. You will:

    • Create notebooks
    • Use predesigned templates
    • Customize the user interface
    • Add content and formatting
    • Insert images and screenshots
    • Add tables to a notebook
    • Record and insert audio and video
    • Add quick notes and links
    • Use tags, symbols, and drawing tools
    • Manage notebook history and backup
    • Work with sections and section groups
    • Share and collaborate with notebooks
    • Use search and text recognition features

    Target Student:
    OneNote is an extremely useful notetaking and collaboration component of the Microsoft Office suite that can be used across multiple devices and platforms. This course is for users who are new to OneNote and would like to learn how to use this powerful tool to gather and record information and remain organized across multiple devices and with multiple team members.

    Course Outline:

    Section 1: Exploring Notebook Structure
    Navigate the OneNote Environment
    Create a Notebook
    Use Predesigned Templates for OneNote Notebooks
    Customize the User Interface

    Section 2: Adding Content and Formats to a OneNote Notebook
    Modify Formatting in a Notebook
    Add Images to a Notebook
    Add Tables to a Notebook
    Add Audio and Video to a Notebook
    Add Quick Notes and Links
    Use Tags, Symbols, Drawing Tools, and Pen Options

    Section 3: Managing OneNote Notebooks, History, and Backups
    Save and Export Content and Use Alternate File Types

    Section 4: Working with Sections and Section Groups
    Create, Merge, and Save Sections of a Notebook

    Section 5: Sharing and Collaborating with Notebooks
    Send a Notebook and Use Outlook Integration
    Share and Collaborate on Notebooks

    Section 6: Finalizing a Notebook
    Finalize a Notebook Using Proofing and Print Settings
    Configure Notebook Properties and Security
    Search Notebooks

    GSA Schedule: 47QTCA19D008F