Classroom-Based Content Conversion

Our expert designers are highly capable of bringing your existing training content to life with creative eLearning templates, interactivities, challenges and video content

  • Converted courses can be accessed anywhere and anytime supporting mobile learning
  • Static content is reorganized and suitable multimedia is identified based on the learning context
  • Considerable part of the textual content is transformed into graphics, schematic diagrams and images to facilitate effective learning
AmanaNet Inc.

Relevant & Authentic

  • Learning Content is customized to the fit your organisation’s culture and context
  • Scenarios, simulations, case studies and relatable stories are incorporated so that the learners can connect their experience with real world examples
  • Courses are crafted precisely adhering to your brand and style guidelines

AmanaNet Inc.

Meaningful & Motivational

  • Our courses are developed based on adult learning principles
  • Learning Content is chunked and organised to minimise cognitive overload, increasing learner’s understanding and retention
  • Courses are learner-centered and visually rich to attract the learners into the training material providing a personalised learning experience

AmanaNet Inc.

Memorable & Measurable

  • Interactive and dynamic nature of our elearning courses bring a true digital learning experience creating a lasting impression
  • Our elearning courses are SCORM and AICC compliant to help you track the learner’s progress via the Learning Management Systems (LMS)

AmanaNet Inc.

Interactive Learning Environment

  • Learners are stimulated to explore and learn
  • Our gamified approach creates a fun environment with realistic challenges throughout the course
  • Multi-device approach – As we use HTML5 tools for custom eLearning content development, training is easily accessible across a host of devices, from PCs to iPads
  • Assessment activities are designed to test the knowledge and decision making skills of the learners
  • Learners are acknowledged through rewards with personalised feedback

E-Learning Services


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