Articulate 360 Training

Articulate Storyline 360 training:

After you complete the Articulate Storyline Training, we provide follow-up support. You’ll have 1-on-1 access help as needed.

Three Storyline levels:

Articulate Storyline Training – Level I

Learn how to plan and build Storyline projects from scratch, add scenes and slides, apply masters, and import content from Microsoft PowerPoint. You’ll add common slide elements as text, images, characters, and captions.

Beyond common element basics, you’ll explore Storyline interactivity, states, layers, and media controls (audio and video). Finally, we’ll wrap up your Level 1 training with an introduction to variables, comprehensive coverage of quiz creation, and publishing.

Articulate Storyline Training – Level II (Intermediate/Advanced)

In this course, we’ll expand on the basics of Articulate Storyline and deep dive into advanced interactions, Scenario Training, Working with multiple assessments, Motion paths, Gamification, Sliders and Dials, Importing Quiz Questions, Extending Storyline with JavaScript, Accessibility and Reporting, Software Simulation, SCORM Packaging and Publishing Considerations, and E-Learning Best Practices.

Articulate Storyline Training – Master Developer

This Master Developer will focus exclusively on building creative software skills and techniques using the Articulate 360 suite, predominantly focusing on Storyline 360. This class delves into several advanced techniques that make it possible to build ‘connected’ experiences in Articulate Storyline, transforming how users interact with live and variable data. Participants will learn to manipulate open-source live data to visualize it within a custom Articulate Storyline project, setting the foundation for creating responsive and engaging user experiences.

Articulate Storyline Training – Gamification

Learn how to work with multiple variables in one project in order to extract desired behaviors. You will also use motion paths, sliders, layers and more to replicate classic games you’re already familiar with. This course will help you add interactive elements beyond the classic quiz, and will enhance the learner’s experience within your project.

Articulate RISE 360 Training

Learn to create a Rise project simultaneously with the instructor, who will walk you through every step – from adding initial lessons, to quizzes and interactive blocks through to launch. You’ll walk away with your first project under your belt and the confidence to create your next project with ease.

Articulate Studio Training

In this course, we’ll introduce you to Articulate Studio 13 (or Articulate Studio 360) – Presenter, QuizMaker, Engage, and Replay. You’ll gain the knowledge and hands-on practice to rapidly develop e-Learning course modules, and create compelling e-Learning presentations and interactive simulations. You’ll also learn how to add interactivity and narration to your PowerPoint presentations, create quizzes with Articulate Quizmaker, record full motion video demos, and publish SCORM packages.

Certification is provided after completing the training. 1.2 ICCOTP Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are given for each 2-day class.

GSA Schedule: 47QTCA19D008F