IR Thermography – UAV Hands-On Flight School with Video and Data Acquisition Training (1-day workshop)


Visible light is a very small portion of the data that we can receive from different objects. Using Infrared sensors, we can detect and analyze radiation patterns that are otherwise invisible to the human eye.  It is for these reasons that IR thermography is quickly becoming one of the best ways to utilize your drone. This class with take you through the basics of emissivity and reflectivity, and it will also take you through understanding what the IR camera sees.

Although this is not a certification class, you will leave with a clear understanding about your camera and how to use it for your applications. There will also be recommendations on which camera / drone and combination is best suited to your needs.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to IR thermography
  • IR camera setup and operation
  • Fundamentals of IR science
  • Heat Transfer
  • IR Measurement techniques
  • Thermal Tuning
  • Thermal Criteria
  • Aerial IR Thermography, Do’s and Don’ts
  • Building applications
  • Hands on camera setup
  • Area walk through inspection
  • Safety first!
  • Getting the video and images that you need
GSA Schedule: 47QTCA19D008F