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Articulate Studio Training



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    • After you complete the Articulate Storyline Training, we provide FREE follow-up support. You’ll have LIVE one-on-one access to our certified instructors for a whole year when you need it.

    Articulate Studio Training (13  or 360) – Presenter, QuizMaker, Engage, and Replay provide students with the knowledge and hands-on practice they need to rapid develop e-Learning course modules, create compelling eLearning presentations and interactive simulations. Users will also learn how to take their Powerpoint presentations and add interactivity and narration. In addition to learning key concepts, students also learn best practices for creating quizzes with Articulate Quizmaker, create engaging interactions, records full-motion video demos, and publish SCORM packages.

    What You Will Learn

    • Getting to Know Articulate Studio
    • Setting Up Player Templates
    • Setting Presentation Options
    • Articulate Studio Components
      • ENGAGE
      • REPLAY
    • Creating a Course in Articulate PRESENTER
    • Working with Audio
    • Adding Slide Annotations
    • Flash, Movies,
    • Articulate Replay
    • Managing Slide Properties
    • Publishing
    • Engage Interactions
    • Quizmaker Quizzes
    • Quizmaker Questions
    • Course and File Management

    Who Should Attend?

    This course is for new users and existing Articulate users who may want to gain more professional experience using the most valuable features, functions and techniques used in real world applications. No prior experience is necessary.

    Articulate appeals to a wide variety of audiences, typically grouped in training and education, advertising, sales and marketing, or technical support and content creation/documentation roles. Instructional System Designers will find this course beneficial in leveraging their skills and careers in online content development.

    Getting to Know Articulate Studio ’13

    • What is Articulate Studio ’13?
    • The PowerPoint Relationship
    • Presenter Course Features
    • The Articulate Tab
    • The Articulate Design Process
    • Articulate File Structure
    • Save a Presenter Course
    • Copy, Back Up and Share Files
    • Previewing Your Course
    • Getting Help

    Setting Up Player Templates

    • The Presentation Player
    • Player Modification Tools
    • Player Template Features
    • Create a New Player Template from Scratch
    • Create a New Player Template from an Existing One
    • Player Templates Dialog Box
    • Layout Tab
    • Navigation Tab
    • Player Controls Tab
    • Text Labels Tabs
    • Colors Tab
    • Other Tab
    • Template Design Tips

    Setting Presentation Options

    • Presentation Options
    • Working with Logos
    • Add Logos
    • Tips for Working with Logos
    • Working with Presenters
    • Add Presenters
    • Tips for Working with Presenters
    • Working with Playlists
    • Add Playlists
    • Playlist Options
    • Quality Settings
    • Pre-Set Options
    • Image Quality Settings
    • Audio Quality Settings
    • Publishing Options
    • Other Setting

    Creating a Course in Presenter

    • Using PowerPoint Features
    • Slide and Slide Titles
    • Text and Tables
    • Speaker Notes
    • Images and SmartArt
    • Transitions and Animations
    • Branching in PowerPoint
    • Create “Pop-Up” Interactions
    • Create Branching Simulations
    • Presenter Content Features
    • Add Attachments
    • Insert a Web Object

    Working With Audio

    • Narration Options
    • Record Narration in PowerPoint
    • Bright Ideas for Audio
    • Recording Narration in Presenter
    • The Recording Control Panel
    • Record Once Slide at a Time
    • Record across Multiple Slides
    • Import a Single Audio File
    • Import a Multiple Audio Files
    • Power Tips
    • The Audio Editor
    • Edit an Audio File
    • Move around the Audio Editor
    • Delete Audio
    • Cut, Copy and Paste Audio
    • Import Audio into the Waveform
    • Export Audio
    • Record Audio into the Waveform
    • Synchronize Animations in the Audio Editor
    • Using the Sync Animation Tool
    • Synchronize Animations

    Adding Slide Annotations

    • Adding Slide Annotations
    • Add Annotations
    • Annotation Modes
    • Annotation Settings

    Flash, Movies, & Video Encoding

    • File Options
    • Insert a Movie or Flash File
    • Design Tips
    • Using Video Encoder
    • Import an Existing Video
    • Capture a Video from your WebCam
    • Basic Video Controls
    • Editing Your Video
    • Trim a Video Clip
    • Crop a Video Clip
    • Add a Logo
    • Change Encoder Options
    • Publish Your Video
    • Use Custom Encoding Settings

    Learning Games

    • Learning Game Options
    • Create a Learning Game
    • Choices Game
    • Word Quiz Game
    • Sequence Game
    • Editing a Learning Game

    Managing Slide Properties

    • Understanding Slide Properties
    • Change Slide Properties
    • Change Slide Titles
    • Hide Slides in Navigation Panel
    • Change Slide Levels
    • Change View Mode
    • Set Custom Branching
    • Lock Slide Navigation
    • Select a Presenter
    • Set an Audio Playlist
    • Set Slide Advancement


    • Understanding Publishing
    • Publishing Formats
    • Publish a Course
    • Publish to Articulate Online
    • Design Tips for Working with a Learning Management System
    • Publish for an LMS
    • Posting Published Files (LMS)
    • Publish for CD
    • Publish to Word
    • Publish for Podcast
    • Share Your Podcast
    • Publish to HTML5

    Engage Interactions

    • Understanding Engage
    • Options for Accessing Engage
    • Engage Interaction Types
    • Create an Engage Interaction
    • By Launching Engage Directly
    • By Launching Engage from the Articulate Ribbon
    • To Create and Engage Interaction for the Player
    • Adding Content to Your Interaction
    • Add an Introduction
    • Add a Summary
    • Add Titles and Text
    • Add Audio
    • Add Media
    • Change or Remove Media
    • Template-Specific Features
    • Tab-Based Interactions
    • Variations for Glossary Interaction
    • Add, Delete and Rearrange Tabs
    • Layered Diagram Interactions
    • Configure the Diagram
    • Change Layer Color
    • Move or Rotate Segments
    • Interactive Image Templates
    • Select the Image
    • Add, Delete and Move Labels
    • Add Content to Callouts
    • Change Marker Appearance (Labeled Graphic)
    • Change Marker Appearance (Guided Image)
    • Media Tour Interaction
    • Select/Change Media
    • Export Media
    • Timeline Interaction
    • Add, Delete, Move and Name Periods
    • Add, Delete, Move and Name Events
    • Change Timeline Appearance
    • Interaction Properties
    • Set Interaction Properties
    • Add an Existing Engage Interaction to a Course
    • Publishing Engage Interactions
    • Publish to a Presenter
    • Publish to the Web
    • Publish to HTML5
    • Publish to Articulate Online
    • Publish to a Learning Management System
    • Publish to a CD
    • Publish to Word

    Quizmaker Quizzes

    • Understanding Quizmaker
    • Options for Accessing Quizmaker
    • Create a New Quizmaker Quiz
    • By Launching Quizmaker Directly
    • By Launching Quizmaker from the Articulate Ribbon
    • To Create a Quizmaker Quiz for the Player
    • The Quizmaker Interface
    • Groups and Randomizing
    • Add and Arrange Question Groups
    • Randomize Question Groups
    • Customizing Quiz Results
    • Turn Results on or Off
    • Quiz Quality Tab
    • Managing Quizmaker Quiz Quality
    • Check Spelling
    • Preview a Quiz
    • Publishing Your Quiz
    • Publish to a Presenter Course
    • Change Quizmaker Options
    • Design Tips: Custom Color Schemes

    Quizmaker Questions

    • Adding Questions to Your Quiz
    • Add a Quiz Question to a Quiz
    • Graded Question Gallery
    • Survey Question Gallery
    • Multiple-Choice, Word Bank and Multiple Response Questions
    • Fill-in-the-Blank Questions
    • Numeric Questions
    • Matching Questions
    • Sequence Questions
    • Hot Spot Questions
    • Likert Scale Survey Questions
    • Short Answer and Essay Questions
    • Setting Question Properties
    • Add Per-Question Feedback
    • Customize the Feedback Pop-Up Window
    • Set Up Conditional Branching

    Introducing Replay

    • Recording
    • Editing
    • Importing videos
    • Importing images
    • Lower thirds
    • Edit audio volume
    • Publishing mixed video to MP4 format

    Note: The lessons outlined above comprise activities typically covered in a class of this skill level. The instructor may, at the instructor’s discretion, alter the lesson plan to meet the needs of the class.


    Online Event


    Live Online Training

    Get the same training you expect in the classroom without leaving your office or home. These are NOT recorded classes. They are LIVE sessions with an expert instructor. We use the latest in video conferencing technologies and audio so you can confidently participate in any class just like being right there in person. We guarantee the effectiveness of our online training delivery approach that we will give you your money back if you are not totally satisfied.  Ask us for a demo.

    Online class requirements:

    • Moderate to fast Internet
    • A phone or computer headset is required in order to hear the instructor/moderator). You can use Computer Audio (VoIP) or you can dial in from a regular phone.  For convenience, we recommend a hands-free headset or phone.
    • Training software must be installed on your computer (trial versions are acceptable)
    • RECOMMENDED: Dual Monitors or computers. For optimal online learning experience, we recommend participants have dual monitors or two computers. Your online classroom credentials allow you to join multiple times from multiple computers. Participants should use one monitor or computer to view the instructor’s shared screen and another monitor or computer to work with the software.

    What happens when you enroll in an online class

    When you register for an online class, you will receive a welcome email followed by login access to the Citrix GoToTraining virtual classroom. A workbook (printed copy or eBook) will be sent to you prior to the start of class.

    Online Training Advantages

    Convenience: You don’t have to travel and can attend from your home, office or anywhere with an internet connection. Our online classes are conducted using GoToTraining, a more robust version of the popular GoToMeeting screen sharing and conferencing platform. To accommodate multiple time zones, courses are typically scheduled from 10am – 5pm Eastern with a one-hour lunch break at 12:30 – 1:30 pm Eastern and a 10-minute break in the morning and afternoon. When conducting custom online course for your group, class times can be modified to accommodate your timezone.

    Interactive Learning: Our online training is fully interactive. You can speak and chat with the instructor and classmates at any time. Various interactive techniques are used in every class. Our small class sizes (typically 4 – 8 students), allow our instructors to focus on individual performance and issues and to work closely with you to meet your unique needs. Classes are designed to be a hands-on learning experience, providing opportunities for you to try your new skills while the instructor is available for review, questions, and feedback. You have the option to give the instructor permission to view your computer to provide one-on-one assistance when needed.

    GSA Schedule: 47QTCA19D008F