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    Microsoft Project is designed to help users set realistic goals for project teams and customers by creating schedules, managing resources and budgets, updating ongoing work as it is completed, rescheduling incomplete work as necessary, and creating different views and reports.

    Learning Objectives:
    By the end of this course, users should be comfortable managing the Project environment, working within task structures, managing and allocating resources, generating views, and creating reports. You will:

    • Link projects and work with master projects and subprojects
    • Create and use resource pools
    • Baseline a project
    • Work with custom fields
    • Change task lists and create network diagrams
    • Use lag and lead
    • Update project work completed and uncompleted
    • Analyze earned value
    • Allocate and level work resources
    • Use existing Project reports
    • Create custom Project reports

    Target Student:
    This course is intended to help all users get up to speed with Microsoft Project’s more advanced features, including task management, timelines, earned value calculation, custom reports, allocating resources, and custom views.

    Course Outline:

    Section 1: Managing the Project Environment
    Link Projects
    Master Projects and Subprojects
    Create and Use Resource Pools
    Update and Unlink a Resource Pool
    View Resource Availability Across Projects
    Create and Modify Baselines
    View Variance with Baselines

    Section 2: Working with Custom Fields
    Work with Custom Fields
    Create Lookup Tables
    Add Formulas
    Add Graphical Indicators
    Work with Custom Field Options

    Section 3: Managing Task Structure
    Schedule Options
    Insert, Move, and Delete Tasks
    Unlink and Relink Tasks
    Task Inspector
    Display Task Paths
    Create a Network Diagram
    Add Lead and Lag Time

    Section 4: Managing the Critical Path
    Understand the Critical Path
    View the Critical Path
    Work with Float (Slack)

    Section 5: Update Project Work
    Set the Status Date
    % Complete vs. Physical % Complete
    Marking Tasks on Track
    Update Work Completed
    Use the Update Project Dialog
    Reschedule Incomplete Work

    Section 6: Analyzing Earned Value
    Earned Value
    Earned Value Methods
    Earned Value Reports
    Earned Value Tables

    Section 7: Working with Project Resources
    Resource Information Dialog Box
    Resource Costs
    Resource Notes
    Allocate and Level Work Resources
    Work with the Team Planner
    Manage Unassigned Tasks
    Work with Resource Allocation and Overallocation
    Resource Levelling
    Replace and Remove Assigned Resources

    Section 8: Producing Project Reports
    Dashboard Reports
    Resource Reports
    Cost Reports
    In Progress Reports
    Create Custom Reports
    Report Design and Format
    Add Charts
    Table Design and Layout
    Field List Options
    Add Hyperlinks to Reports
    Add Images to Reports
    Export Visual Reports

    GSA Schedule: 47QTCA19D008F